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Sunday, August 7, 2011

First Weekend of August

Friday... I was excited for weekend. I didn't know why. Haha. I was supposed to go to Banchetto with my college buddies but a dad one of them died so we decided to reschedule it. Again. Because of that, I just had a date with my boyfriend... strolled at the mall, had dinner at Chef d' Angelo, had some chitchats as if we never talked the whole week, highschool stuff, you know. Haha. We went home at 9PM but he stayed til around 1AM. Sleep deprivation? Never mind.<3

Well, maybe I'm blogging now because I just want to share how productive I was this weekend. :D I made a "weekend to-do list" on Friday night. Actually, I really had a lot of things to do so I had to write it down.

Gising ng 7AM. Alam mo ung feeling na gustong-gusto mo pa matulog hanggang 12 dahil sa bed weather pero dahil nasanay ka na gumising nang maaga, maaga ka na rin nagigising kahit hindi naman kelangan... Ugh.
Abot tarp ke Za at 8. She wasn't able to pick it up because she woke up late.
Linis ng bahay. Couldn't go back to sleep anymore so I decided to clean our messy house whenever my dad's home. Plus, they went to Quezon so noone would do it. Hehe. It felt great. I missed cleaning the house! <3
Punta sa burol. One of my college buddies' dad died from heart attack so we went to the wake at Sanctuarium. It's sad to see this very nice guy lying on that casket... and really, he was nice that he even let us have a mini reunion on his wake. Not a good venue, but at least. :DDD Well, I'm still sending my condolences to the family... BTW, on my home, I made a good deed. Sabi ni lolo na nakasabay ko sa shed, ipara ko raw sya ng jeep kase di nya raw makita... Patay, mali yata ng napakiusapan si lolo, malabo rin mata ko... >.< Buti na lang luminaw nung me dumaang jeep at naalalayan ko pa sya sa pagsakay... It was really simple but it made me a happy that I was able to help someone who actually needs help. :)
PPT presentation. Eco-DMT's Membership Committee asked for a favor... They wanted me to make a Powerpoint presentation for membership orientation. So I did. That's how nice I am.
Registration materials. During the meeting.
Officers' meeting. Talked about our upcoming activities. A lot. Hope God guides us...
Babe. It was unexpected. Well, honestly, I expected. Hehe. After his photoshoot, we were supposed to have dinner at Qizia but the rain poured so hard that it didn't let us leave the house.
Idlip. No, I slept.
BP Operation. So I was late. I arrived at 9AM. Call time was 7AM. Great, huh? :|
Preregistration. Was able to get one candidate. Big help, it is.
PREx meeting. I scheduled it at 1PM but I was there at 2PM. I'm really great with time, schedules, appointments, anything related to time... Hahaha.
Family picture. After 10 years, we had a formal family picture taken. No more Dora looks and high socks for me. I wore corporate attire since my dad was wearing his military suit. Couldn't afford to wear flats. :s
Holy Mass. Always on the list every Sunday =)
PAGIBIG. Our HR peeps asked us to register online. I did. I'm just wondering why it didn't ask for my monthly income but it showed 0.00 on the printed form. Weird.
Tulog. So this is what I'm gonna do now. Sleep. Sleep. Sleep... zzzZzzzZz

It's Monday again tomorrow! Time flies soooo fast! I'm looking forward to Tuesday! It's our Pay Day. Hmm... Nah, I need to save up. :D

Last status for the day: Ang saraaaap sarap sarap sarap sarap sarap magshopping!!! :) ♥
Four shopaholics already "Liked" it. I know I'm gonna get more Likers by tomorrow. Hahahaha! :)))