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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Back to the Blog World

The last blog I posted was almost a month ago. I realize I have to write something. March already started. I know I have lots of stories to tell.

Let me tell you, things happen.

Recently, I left my call center life. Yes, I finally got an IT-related job. I work for this company in Ortigas as a Customer Support Consultant. I've been dealing with cases (or tickets), document checking, programs (and you know how much I hate programming), systems (that I need to learn so I can support, haha), networking (servers, hubs, connection, nodes, etc.), everything about IT. Kind of nose-bleeding for now, but I know I'll get used to it (again). I've been there for 2 weeks now. (Stressful week 3 starts on Monday.) A total adjustment, it is. From waking up early in the morning to traveling to and from Ortigas to going back to IT world I thought I already forgot to having weekends off to having regular work hours to sleeping early in the evening to having time with my social responsibility again. It's a great thing. I mean, it's everything I ever dreamed of when I was still studying in college (though it's not what I really wanted, I actually want web designing/developing but for now, this will do). I waited for almost two years. Thank you for this opportunity - lessons I learned in Computer Science were about to purge (I was about to purge it, hehe). Well, I don't know if this is really it for me, but so far, I am happy. I'll seize it.
Last night, I had a great night with my NCO friends. It was their off yesterday and I don't have work on Saturday. I came with my boyfriend and it was actually the first time that I officially introduce him to them. We met at the Araneta Center around 7:30PM. I went there straight from work. We stayed there until around 9PM and went to Metrowalk since Banchetto opens at 12MN. Had some Sting Ray by Marina's. It tasted like juice. I didn't feel the alcohol much. :D Gig. Kwento. Kwento. Kwento. Tawa. Around 1:30AM when we decided to have dinner-slash-midnight-snack in Banchetto. Hello, Roast Beef with Mushroom Gravy, mashed potato, chocolate moist cake and leche flan.☺ I missed my buddies and definitely will miss them again! Looking forward to another "team building" at Flaming Wings and Drew's. Yihaaaa! :)

It's Saturday. I want to spend the day with the people I love: boyfriend, church friends, family...♥

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Have a great weekend!

PS: I'll change my layout soon. :)