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Friday, January 28, 2011

Because I slept...

(I made this blog at 4AM using WordPad. Internet connection's fucked up.)

I just watched Beauty and the Briefcase (for the nth time) and realized I haven't posted any blog for a long time now.

Hello, evening. I'm still up. Slept at 7PM. Woke up at 1AM (well, 12:58). It's my rest day and I don't know why I still have a fucked up sleeping pattern. Yeah, I didn't have a good sleep yesterday. After shift, I checked my Facebook, took a nap for 2 hours, searched for a beach resort in Batangas and went to Greenhills with my mom. Yes, I spent money again for shopping... Something I thought I already got over with. Just bought some tops and "jeggings". I wish I could use all the money in my wallet... There are a lot of good stuff to buy there. I'm just saving it for my future (hmm, not really, it's for our team building, hehe). We also had the N95 phone given by my kuya repaired. And finally, my mom's a Sun subscriber. I don't have to use my Globe load to reply to her Smart texts. :D

I was about to go to Ortigas this morning to submit my preemployment requirements to the future company I'll be working for. Yes, finally, for after almost 2 years, I resigned from this call center world and started to sneak to the IT world. I applied for a Technical Support Consultant post at this IT company in Tektite. I had gone through 2 days of interview with my bosses and it was successful. It was great. The offer was great. The people are great. The considerations they gave are so great. And I know, the opportunites waiting for me are great, too. They are willing to wait for 30 days for me to formally start with them (I was asked to report on Feb 18th because I still have to render my resignation with my current job). After all that I've been through with this, I realized, if I weren't bangag at the time that I was interviewed in HP, I should've been working there for 8 months now. It was the same position, actually. Haay. This call center world really ruined my life. Hahaha! :s

It was so frustrating that I wasn't able to go to USTe for the Paskuhan 2010. So I promised to myself that I'd be coming for the countdown to 400 today, but it seems like UST doesn't want to see me anymore... It was just the other day when I knew that there's something going to happen tonight. There would be fireworks (thinking it's worth 400 million, because it's 400 years, haha). The lineup of the artists who would perform is definitely good... But I didn't know anyone to accompany me til the end of the program. They all have work the next day. Plus, I'll just look like a loser if I go there alone. Anyway, past is past. The 400th year celebration was successful without me, so why will I bother myself. I'm just proud to be a Thomasian. That won't change. :)

At work, I have 2 days to reach the goals for this month (January 30-31). I need to pull down my AHT to at least 4.45 mins, get no TPG monitors with defects, adhere to my schedule and go to work with enthusiasm. If I hit all the targets, I'll be able to get a non-taxable 3,000Php incentive next payout. That would be awesome. I have extra money before I leave this company and for our family's Baguio trip on Feb 18th (payout). So I must work hard for this. Hihi.

Time flies so fast... It's almost the end of the month! And I actually thought Christmas is already near because of the weather. I find it hard to wake up every night to go to work because of it. LOL. I so love it. It doesn't always happen, so seize the moment. Haha. If it's this cold here, what more in Baguio? I should've bought thigh-high boots and furry jackets.<3

I want coffee (at Starbucks Silver City), fries (at McDonald's) and menthol (outside the office) now. Tsk. It's 4:20AM. I'm still wide awake, and I guess, have no plans of sleeping until the sun rises. I don't even know where my kuya is right now. He's not in the other room. My mom and my little brother are going to prepare for school in an hour.

Do you know a beach resort in Batangas where a group of 17 people can stay at an affordable cost? My officemates and I will be having a team building on Feb 3rd (I guess this will be my despedida, haha), but the venue is not yet finalized. I suggested the Munting Buhangin Beach Camp Resort in Nasugbu, Batangas, like 45 minutes away from Tagaytay City (it was recommended by a friend who has been there a couple of times). It's affordable. The entrance fee is just $190/head, and nipa houses are only for $2,900 (4-10 pax). It has white sand and we can actually go on trekking. I haven't checked the other venues suggested by my teammates but I think I'll go with this (yeah, because I was the one who suggested it, hahaha). We're asking for a 3-hour meeting on our Saturday shift to finalize everything before Feb 3rd comes (hopefully WFM would be so generous, which I don't think they are, to grant our request, hihi).

On Friday night (technically it's already Friday so that would be tonight), Felice, CB, Laine (and I don't know the others) and I will make our stomachs full at Banchetto or Katipunan (Flaming Wings) or go clubbing at Timog (White Avenue, I don't know). It was CB's idea, I believe (or Felice, I don't know again). They said I won't be staying long with them anymore that's why they planned this. I said I won't die and will just be on the other village, they just laughed. Hehe. I'll surely miss these girls... :') We'll definitely make sure that this Friday night would be fun (PS: I wanted my boyfriend to come with me but they said he's not allowed. Crazy girls, haha).

Speaking of my boyfriend, last Friday (Feb 21st), we celebrated our 25th month together. I really had a great time. It's my gahddamn rest day. We met after his work, had our dinner at Burger King, watched the last full show of Green Hornett in SM Marikina, went straight to Antipolo afterwards, watched Pineapple Express and full-ed our stomach before sunrise at Banchetto. He sent me home at 5AM with smile on my face and kilig in my heart. That was reaaaally crazy. He's not used to staying up late. Hehe. Unfortunately, we didn't have pictures, but I think the moments we had are waaaay acceptable. :D I love this man. Being together for 25 months is not a joke. We've been through a lot but we've just started. I wish I could spend more months, years and lifetime with him. :')

My mom came back from Ilocos last Sunday with a windmill pasalubong for me. If you think it's simple, I was actually touched when she gave it to me. She said she remembered that I told her before I wanted it. Hehe. She also had one for my boyfriend. So sweet... :') It was really different without a mom at home. She left us for 4 days for this vacation with her friends (I encouraged her to come because I can completely sense that she's sooo stressed). When she came back, it's nice to know that someone welcomes me when I get home from work, prepares breakfast and dinner for me, sets aside the chores to have an early morning anything-under-the-sun conversation with me and waits for me to leave before she sleeps. I love her for being my mom and my best friend. No one can ever replace her.

I know how stressful life is, but I'm lucky because I have these people that still make this stressful life wonderful. Happiness is not having what you want but wanting and appreciating what you have.

Have a great weekend everyone!Ü