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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I was hoping I could be productive tonight.

I just changed my layout. Did you notice that? Well, I'm not really to brag about it because I just customized the templates that Blogger have. I. am. so. lazy. to. make. my. personalized. layout. Good thing I didn't promise to myself that I'd be doing it tonight until I fall asleep. Hihi.

Yea, I was actually trying to make it a vintage-inspired layout. I planned to make my own banner in Photoshop, but again, I. am. lazy.

Anypoo... It's already the 12th of April. Can you imagine how time flies so fast? I can't seem to follow the pace. But I really love how last weekend went.

I was a busy person back then.
Friday, April 8, 2011
 Pay Day. Took the long queue to withdraw money.
─ Had dinner with family at King Bee Restaurant. Cost=3/10. Taste=5/10. Total=4/10 :&
─ Stayed up the whole night (okay fine, I slept for an hour or two ─ I needed to because I hadn't had a long sleep on Thursday night) to finish the audio-visual presentation for my boyfriend's client's birthday the next day. It's a sideline so I had to work hard for it to earn $$$ and trust from the client.

Saturday, April 9, 2011
─ Was supposed to process my exit clearance for my previous job but time didn't permit me ─ I had to reschedule it again next week.
─ Around 12NN when the file was successfully sent to the client. I had to use Yousendit since they're in Singapore, and almost died because my internet connection was intermittent that time, I had tried sending it a few times before it went through.
─ Drove to the airport - my dad was leaving for Zamboanga.
─ After sending him to the airport, the three of us (my mom, my younger brother and I) went to Greenhills to have their phones repaired and to eat at Slammer Burgers. I didn't shop for anything. I had to control myself because my money was already budgeted for much more important things and I'd like to congratulate myself for it. We left GH around 5:30PM and went straight home.
─ "Buntis" was craving for McDonald's Hot Fudge Sundae (since Thursday actually) so we indulged ourselves with it and some kwentos.
─ We only stayed there until 9PM because I had to go to the church to help my other org-mates in sanitizing the rooms for the Medical Mission.
─ Went home around 12:30AM and encoded the medicines for doctor's copy. Slept around 2AM.

Sunday, April 10, 2011
─ Woke up at 5AM because I needed to check my boss' email so I could forward it to the person who'd be doing the certificates for the nurses.
─ Left home at around 7AM for the Medical Mission/BP Operation.
─ Jetty was robbed. The stereo was lost :(((
─ PREx picture-taking (I'm not even a part of PREx and I was there just because a car was parked infront of Jetty. Ugh)
─ Went to McDonald's with church friends
─ Went back to OLA to clean the rooms that were used in Medical Mission. Stayed there until 5:30PM.
─ Heard the last Sunday Mass at 8PM.
─ Slept for 8 hours. The feeling was great :')

I felt I was so productive. I wish I could have another productive weekends! :D